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Best Features

All you need for a WhatsApp Marketing tool

Bulk Messaging

Send messages in bulk to multiple recipients at once. This can be useful for sending promotions, announcements, or updates to a large group of customers

Rotate Accounts

Take advantage of this feature to decrease the likelihood of account suspension, enhance message limits, as well as evaluate the efficiency of your messages

Automated Responses

Include chatbots or other automated response features that can respond to customer messages automatically. It helps businesses provide quick and efficient customer support.


Chatbots can help to improve customer service, reduce costs, maintain consistency, increase engagement and conversion rates, and collect valuable data in messaging systems.
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Bright Features

Increase Your Online Business With Our Platform

Bulk WhatsApp Messages

Saving time and effort in sending the same message to multiple recipients individually and can be an effective way to communicate with a large group of people in a quick and efficient manner

Multiple message types

Experience the convenience of utilizing different media formats, like images, audio, and text, to create engaging and impactful messages using our platform.

Manage contact

It can be added manually by entering phone numbers, or it can be imported from a CSV file. It is organized into groups to make it easier to send targeted messages to specific groups of people.

Extra core features

Foster meaningful conversations and build a loyal community by engaging with your audience on the most widely-used messaging platform in the world.

Export Participants

It allows you to download a list of all the participants in a group chat or a broadcast list. This feature is particularly useful for businesses and organizations.

File Manager

Create, upload, moving as well as deleting files, and folders.You can edit and enhance your photo with Image Editor which is integrated with our platform.

Open AI

It can be used to generate high-quality content for bulk message content with captions as well as image. You can free up valuable time to focus on other essential tasks

What our clients say

Our clients praise us for our great results, personable service and expert knowledge. Here are what just a few of them had to say.

"Exactly what I'm looking for"

Innovative tool to enhance our content planning and creation processes for both our agency and clients.
David Nicolas
Agency owner

"High quality design"

I'm Very well organized tool with stunning high quality design. Amazing platform! Thank you so much!
Ara A.
Product Designer

"Managing accounts easily"

This tool has made sharing our story and building our brand on social media so much easier.
Nev W.D95.
SEO leader

"Good Services"

This platform is a wonderful tool as well as the service team is serious, professional and quickly.
Scarlett D.
Marketing Manager

"Visual calendar excellent"

Scheduling posts is an absolute breeze, effortlessly construct a post from a draft and schedule within seconds.
Anete Lusina

"Effortless Content Generation"

For anyone involved in creating and scheduling content on social media, this is a tool should not be missed.
Tudor Serea
Social Media Marketer

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting more information about our platform that will help you get all benefits from us. These all questions are asked for the first time

We provide an automation tool for your WhatsApp accounts. It offers automated replies, bulk messaging, a chatbot, and more features.

No, we don’t. Our tool uses a WhatsApp web connection to connect your account.

User-friendly signup process to establish your account on our website. Select from a variety of plans that meet your needs!

No, there is no mobile app. However, the platform can work equally well on desktop and mobile devices.

The software allows you to send messages by importing a list of contacts through a CSV file, or by manually copying and pasting them.

Yes, we offer personalized packages. Just let us know your requirement, and we’ll share a customized plan for your business needs.

You can contact us at this page Contact us page or Whatsapp chat support